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How to gain a competitive advantage by working with influencers and becoming a celebrity in your field…

What makes influencer marketing incredibly hot and mostly off target?

Reaching consumers is an expensive headache. Persuading them to act a certain way is an even bigger challenge. That’s why more and more marketers are employing people who already command a large following. The catch: while social media stars have many followers, they might not have any actual influence. Learn more here.

Meet Amanda Russell

What makes one person influential and another practically invisible?

It’s not just knowledge, as most professors learn. And it’s not just photogenic looks, as most aspiring models discover. And it’s certainly not just social media, as most people realize after months and months of posting. Becoming an influencer requires the optimal combination of strategy and creativity. Learn more here.

The Basis Of Courses At Two Universities

Meet Freddy J. Nager

The Book

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