What makes one person influential and another practically invisible?

It’s not just knowledge, as most professors soon learn.

And it’s not just photogenic looks, as most aspiring models readily discover.

And it’s certainly not just social media, as most people ultimately realize after spending hundreds of hours blogging, tweeting, and posting.

Becoming an influencer requires the optimal combination of strategy and creativity — a combination that The Influencer Code divulges in vivid detail through a book and college courses.

This new program draws from the experience and expertise of two Los Angeles-based insiders: YouTube star Amanda Russell and marketing professor Freddy J. Nager.

Featuring real-world cases and interviews with top influencers, The Influencer Code reveals the trends and traps, tactics and tips, culminating in an action plan to amplify your personal impact locally, nationally, and beyond. (Hint: use emotion — Hollywood style.)

What makes influencer marketing incredibly hot — and mostly off target?

In addition, The Influencer Code exposes the biggest hazards in marketing’s hottest trend.

Since reaching today’s consumers is an expensive headache — and persuading them to act (“buy this,” “vote for this,” or simply “click here”) an even bigger challenge — more and more marketers are employing people who are already influencers.

Make that “so-called” influencers.

As it turns out, while social media stars have many followers, they might not have any actual influence. To help you distinguish the truly influential from the merely popular, Amanda and Freddy reveal the hidden hazards, the critical questions to ask, and the essential tools for managing and measuring the right influencers for the right message and the right audience.

Along the way, this program just might help you become an influencer yourself…