Freddy J. NagerFaculty, University of Southern California | Marketing Agency Founder | Professional Writer & Speaker | Award-Winning Creative Director & Content Strategist

Over his nearly three decades in business, Freddy launched one of the world’s first entertainment sites (AMP: MCA Records Online). Won awards for Toyota’s digital media at major ad agency Saatchi & Saatchi. Creative directed the world’s first infomercial-zine. Led a twisted business pitch that won the National Lampoon account. Wrote and produced live theatre in Los Angeles. Crafted satirical articles for the Weekly World News (but no Bigfoot sightings). And created a national buzz with a campaign for the NFL on Fox.

And that was before getting his MBA from USC. (Freddy earned his undergrad degree from Harvard.)

Freddy subsequently directed a word-of-mouth campaign for an interactive zombie movie. Helped a viral video director land an interview with David Letterman. And launched his own marketing agency, Atomic Tango, which serves entrepreneurs and includes a blog with over 200,000 views to date from around the world.

In his spare time, Freddy became an adjunct professor, currently teaching in the M.A. in Communication Management program at the University of Southern California. And his marketing manual, AIDA+: Why The Classic Purchase Funnel Matters More Than Ever, was published by Europe’s Tempus Academy.

Freddy is also a professional speaker, recently giving keynote lectures at the American Marketing Association in New Orleans and the Renaissance Women Summit in Houston, and being interviewed by Marketplace (public radio), Les Affaires (Canada), and Sondag (Finland).

The Influencer Code is the next project on his hit list. The way Freddy sees it, he’s just getting started.