The Influencer Code BookComing soon to bookstores, The Influencer Code will reveal the secrets to true influence, with step-by-step action plans to both:

  • hire and manage influencers to achieve your goals
  • expand your personal influence locally, nationally, and beyond

Written by marketing insiders Amanda Russell and Freddy J. Nager, this engaging and conversational book is at once provocative and practical. The contents include:

  • What exactly is “influence” and why your brand needs it.
  • The types of influencers, from macro to micro, celebrity to infinity.
  • How to distinguish true influencers from impostors, and keys to selecting the right one
  • Tales from the trenches: pros and cons of being an influencer.
  • Case studies of who’s doing influencer marketing now, who’s doing it right, and who’s completely off target.
  • Expertise, expression, and expansion — the critical steps to long-lasting influence.
  • How to tap emotion the Hollywood way.
  • The future of influencer marketing.

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