The Influencer Code

From the Creator of the World's First Accredited University Course on Influencer Marketing


Break through the Noise by unlocking the TRUTH about Influencer Marketing and becoming Influential in your field


What makes one person influential and another practically invisible?

It’s not just knowledge, as many academics come to learn. And it’s not just photogenic looks, as most aspiring models will discover. And it’s certainly not just establishing a presence on social media, as too many users realize after months of posting. Becoming a true influencer requires a critical balance of expertise, creativity, and strategy. 


What makes influencer marketing an incredibly hot trend… and yet often off-target, in reality?

Reaching consumers is every marketer’s most expensive headache, and persuading them to act is an even bigger challenge. That’s why more and more businesses are turning to people who already command a following to spread the word. The catch: many of these so-called influencers became popular by buying followers, turning their influence into an empty promise.


What does The Plaza Hotel have to do with marketing?


Learn how an unlikely partnership between Amanda and The Plaza Hotel in 2009 led to her  decade-long fascination with influencer partnerships and why it matters to every brand in the world.

YouTube star, Professor of Marketing, and serial entrepreneur, Amanda Russell, created The Influencer Code to reveal the strategies and techniques that break the code on the power of partnerships and teach you how to achieve real influence.



Top global brands flock to Amanda Russell... not just for her expert and extensive experience with numerous ventures and partnerships, but also for her ability to deliver valuable information and a persuasive message. She is truly an impressive and memorable speaker.
— Dr. Dana Lascu, Ph.D., MBA — Managing Editor, Journal of Global Business and Technology
Fearlessly navigates and disrupts the murky waters... Cynthia is an outstanding digital marketer whose applied intelligence, flexibility, and passion for everything she does is highly motivating.
— Erin B. Reilly — President, Nat. Assn. for Media Literacy, USC Fellow