Amanda Russell

President, Founder, Author & Keynote Speaker, The Influencer Code

Chief Marketing Officer, Valeo Fit

Board of Advisors, Lamborghini

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The Toronto Star publication refers to her as the ‘Real-life Iron Woman’ and ‘ultimate go-getter’ — but to thousands of devoted followers, Fortune 500 clients, and inspired audiences, Amanda Russell is a global expert in Influencer Marketing.

 As an international fitness icon, sought-after speaker, brand strategist, and educator, Amanda Russell has been at the forefront of the digital marketing and social media revolution from its infancy. Her core philosophy:

“You can have the best product or service in the world, but if you don’t have an audience, it doesn’t matter.”

Amanda competed as a world-class distance runner with an automatic spot in the 2008 Beijing Olympic trials—before an injury brought her career to a halt. The hard work of her against-all-odds recovery led to Amanda launching a transformative online fitness and lifestyle community: Fit, Strong & Sexy.

As a pioneer in Influencer Marketing, Amanda recognized the power of YouTube to grow an audience she could convert to her own platform. With 1 million views after just two months and accolades as one of YouTube’s “Next Top Fitness Channels”, it was clear she had her finger on the pulse. Today, more than 80,000 subscribers wait breathlessly for her next upload.

With her innate digital acumen, Amanda went on to co-found the Interesting Agency, offering full-service brand strategy, marketing, and content production services. She eventually sold her own consulting firm to take the CMO helm at Valeo Securities, where she’s heading up a re-brand and international re-launch as Valeo Fit. 

After Influencer Marketing became the buzzword du jour, Amanda saw first-hand how many companies were wasting resources on fluffy, one-off campaigns that failed to achieve real results. She channeled her deep experience, stellar industry reputation, and frustration with the status quo into developing the world’s first fully accredited program in Influencer Marketing at UCLA.

Now she’s literally writing the book on one of the hottest, yet most misunderstood marketing strategies in the world: The Influencer Code. It’s an intensive look at how brands can leverage each other to grow and scale their business—from the insider perspective of a DIY marketer, global influencer, MBA-level strategist, growth hacker, and academic… all rolled into one.  

Whether Amanda is motivating a roomful of C-suite decision makers to take on a high-impact collaboration, inspiring a group of renaissance women to achieve their potential, or teaching future marketing pros how to be unforgettable, Amanda is a tornado in a tutu and combat boots—and the key to your success.

Amanda graduated from the University of Richmond on an athletic full-ride scholarship, and holds an MBA with a concentration in marketing.

A force of magnetic energy, passion with a true higher purpose. Amanda has the ability to turn the most seemingly impossible ideas into reality.
— Tamilee Webb — Buns of Steel, Webb International
Simply put, Amanda rocks the marketing world! She possesses a 360 degree vision of how a concept will play across media channels. Armed with the innate ability to break outside the box, garner deep insight and transform people and companies.
— Raquel Baldelomar — Forbes Columnist, Entrepreneur
[Amanda] has the unique ability to truly engage with the audience and make you believe that transformation is possible and within reach. She moves audiences to action.
— Dr. Dana Lascu, MBA, PH.D, — Director of Marketing, Robins School of Business