Avis Richards

Board of Advisors, The Influencer Code

CEO & Founder, Birds Nest Foundation

Founder, The Ground Up Campaign

Co-Founder, Veterans Education Challenge

Executive Producer, The Growing Athlete & The Lunch Movement


Avis Gold Richards is the founder and CEO of Birds Nest Foundation™ (BNF) and Birds Nest Productions™ (BNP).

Avis’ career in film production began in the non-profit world, creating short documentaries and PSAs for organizations. Her experience then transitioned into the for-profit world where her companies have been focusing on creating content alongside influencers.

Avis has been nominated for three New York Emmy Awards and has won numerous Stevie, W3, Telly, Davey, Pixie and Aurora Awards for producing non-profit films and videos. The charities that benefit from Avis’ work include a host of worthy causes dedicated to improving healthcare and education, serving inner-city youth, protecting against domestic violence, promoting human rights, and defending the environment.

Avis also launched "The Ground Up Campaign," a national effort that has provided indoor edible academic gardens and curriculum to over 300 classrooms nationwide since 2011.