The Influencer Code

Book launching Fall 2019

Based on the world’s ONLY fully accredited university course on influencer marketing. Written by Olympic-qualifying athlete, Amanda Russell, from Lamborghini, Valeo Fit, and UCLA.


Book Series

Volume One: The Influencer Code


Coming soon to bookstores everywhere, The Influencer Code reveals the secrets to true influence, and provides step-by-step action plans to both:

  • Hire and manage influencers to achieve your goals

  • Expand your personal influence locally, nationally, and beyond

Written by marketing insider Amanda Russell, this engaging and conversational book is at once provocative and practical. The contents include:

  • What exactly is “influence” and why your brand needs it

  • The types of influencers, from macro to micro, celebrity to infinity

  • How to distinguish true influencers from imposters, and keys to selecting the right one

  • Tales from the trenches: pros and cons of being an influencer

  • Case studies of who’s doing influencer marketing now, and what they’re doing right and wrong

  • Expertise, expression, and expansion — the critical steps to long-lasting influence

  • How to tap emotion the Hollywood way

  • The future of influencer marketing