Breaking The Code


Letter from the


Brandon Scott Roye


At the core, my true passion is telling stories and ensuring that they’re not only heard, but remembered.

If I go through the trouble of writing a shorter letter, as Churchill would have it, I’d like to ensure that with every word I chisel away, The Statue of David becomes less and less pixelated.

These stories that I create — visual in nature and intertwining with no definitive period — often aren’t my own. I am the listener, the translator, the artist — with a sincere affinity for subjects who, to put it simply, have no idea how truly remarkable they are.

More often than not, the most captivating stories fade away at the rate of Instagram’s refreshing newsfeed — an intricate brass trophy tarnishing away in a dusty attic, if you will. After all, not all of us have a robust content creation team complete with a photographer, videographer, graphic designer, web developer, and SEO strategist — or an invitation to the annual Met Gala.

After collaborating with over 150+ brands over the past six years, I’ve found that there’s nothing quite like witnessing someone reading their own story from someone else’s point fo view for the first time. Similar to the vulnerable feeling of watching a portrait artist put chalk to paper on the streets of New York City, generously revealing that your facial features are much softer than your own mirror led you to believe.

With the rise of the three brand new industries — the internet, social media, and now influencer marketing — many have accidentally or intentionally stumbled into a strong position of influence. The only gatekeeper, a few touch points on a shrinking sheet of glass. 

Our team at The Influencer Code defines true "influence" as an individual’s ability to drive consumer behavior based on the trust they’ve established among niche audiences, making a clear distinction from stagnant "popularity". Influence is a massive responsibility and while the influencer marketing industry is still in its mere infancy — we believe that it’s imperative to design a healthy ecosystem between digital marketers, influencers, and followers before hindsight becomes 20/20.

The Influencer Code was founded as a think tank for digital marketers to collectively answer one simple question — how can digital marketers influence the influencers?

From our carefully sculpted Board of Advisors to monthly interviews, case studies, and a book on the way — our team has gone through great lengths to ensure an inclusive and bulletproof future for the influencer marketing industry, by design. Influence comes from every walk of life and the singular challenge that brands are faced with ironically mirrors the plight of a portrait artist on the streets of New York City. Digital marketers are tasked each day with painting their brand story in the likeness of the faces they choose to collaborate with through a unique, quirky, and hopefully profitable lens.

That is the code we’re all dying to break and I sincerely hope you’ll join this movement — because we won’t get there by standing still.

As our founder always says — start running.

With Joy and Fervor,

Brandon Scott Roye